The San were semi nomadic and were known to be skilled hunter-gatherers. With their extensive foraging skills, they are accounted to have also been the first to have discovered the medicinal properties of the Aspalathus linearis plant - what is more commonly known as “rooibos tea” today, in pre-colonial times, way before it was commercialized by European settlers. With their profound ecological expertise in indigenous species, they used the leaves to make herbal remedies for various ailments and loved the delicious aromatic taste too! Tii reimagines the way that rooibos tea has been packaged over the centuries. It honours the OGs. The overall visual identity incorporates one other thing that the both groups are also known for - their rock art. As part of the strategy, l opted to keep the name and the wordmark for Tii itself intentionally raw and incredibly simple with chunky features that pay homage to the beautiful and spiritual artistic expressions of the Khoisan.