Protea Extracts is an eco-luxe line of botanical body lotions, butters and hand creams. True to its brand name, Protea Extracts makes use of ethically grown and cultivated African Protea flowers in their product line. The logomark which l developed for the new brand is inspired by petals of the King Protea - which are often said to resemble a crown. A key part of the packaging design was inspired by the symbiosis of proteas with specific bird species. Many protea depend on nectar-feeding birds; more specifically African sugarbirds and sunbirds for pollination. With this project, l explored the relationship with the Cape sugarbird in the form of an illustrated but still elevated packaging design thus maintaining the eco-luxe feel.
Protea Extracts

My outstanding packaging design was chosen to be featured in the upcoming article The Best Cosmetic Packaging Designs by DesignRush.